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June 13, 2007
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Motoko by Metal-Potato-Alex Motoko by Metal-Potato-Alex
Wow, this took longer than I expected... Mostly due to talking on MSN too much :D I think it came out nicely, especially The Major's face. Hope you all like it :D
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sheen16 Apr 16, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the dark colors.
She is my god.
For some reason I think an interesting crossover would be Motoko as an aunt or even mother to Rei Ayanami.

Or Motoko vs Misato...battle of purple haired majors who work in a secret government organization!

Very nice ^_^
Mhm mind I say something :-> ?? My something is: POOR Misato. Motoko is at least three times as fast and four times as strong as Misato. I would feel really sorry for our poor Miss Misato
The Seele NERV raid:

JSDF storms NERV.
They get to where Shinji is suddenly people just start getting ripped apart, half are dead when they see the invisibility go off.

Officer1: HAX!
Officer2: I hit her! /fires 20 shots into her.
Mecha-Misato aka Motoko grins and shows that she's a combat cyborg.
Officer1: Oh no ****ing way.
Mecha-Misato fires 20 clips into them, makes out with Shinji even though she isn't dying, and tells him if he grows a spine and kills the MP Evas theres more waiting for him.

If you look at it, they're close to the ghost in the shell stuff. The magi system where they have Ritsukos mothers brain in three jars as a supercomputer sounds like a GiTS plot.

Besides, what if Misato was badly injured during Second Impact and needed a prosthetic body :p.

That would explain how Misato can survive on cold ramen and beer the entire series. Beer fueled cyborgs walk Tokyo-3!

Sorry, I'm feeling very random today :D.
I like your random talking XD I always loved Combat Cyborgs for their destruction-capabilities. Oh and don't forget that NGE has BIGGEST cyborgs Ever - Evangelions XD
Not to mention that boss of Seele has some cyberstuff as far as my memory is right, but it's not as advanced as things Section 9 has.
Mecha Misato <I'm calling motoko that from now on in this :D> hacks the Magi system...funny **** ensues.

Every television for sale displays surveillance of Kaji 24/7.

Kaji's cell phones new ring tone is, "He's **** off and die Ritsuko!."

She then hacks into the Rei Fish Tank, raises an army of Rei clones, and they use Gendous head in the first ever game of soccer using a human skull.

Finally she gets the angels to stop attacking by forcing them to see every pornographic picture on the internet.

The angels either

1) Commit mass suicide somewhere between scat, vore, and beast.

2) Get mentally destroyed by the sheer amount of data being put into them.

3) After seeing all the porn on the internet, they know exactly why not to mess with humans...if they can do stuff like that to each other there's no way an angel stands a chance.

4) They defeat the evangelions using their new Absolute Terror Fields <AT-Fields> with the strength of the field increased just because of how effed the stuff is.

I'm guessing that's how the evangelion manga ends, but the artist is too busy "researching" all of the porn on the internet to be "as accurate as possible."

One persons hypothesis..
<laughs> I don't want to know what poor Shinji or Asuka could experience while trying to break through that field XD, they would probably die due to major Nosebleed.

Hmm I would prefer calling her Cyber-Misato, hey after all she is not at least 10 meters tall and don't weigh about 8 tones XD

Oh Yeah Poor Kaji but at least Misato could have hell a lot of material to watch

<laughs> NGE gets even more psychedelic then it was XD
Breaking news: Every ounce of every alcoholic beverage has been shipped to NERV Tokyo-3 branch because of a worldwide recall on alcahol...when asked why, the purple haired major in charge of public relations was quoted as saying, "Your not my mother!" she promptly passed out, intravenous tubes were attached to her funnelling in alcahol 24/7.

She recovered, but after she woke up from the alcahol poisoning she said, "Man I need a drink..."
<laughs> Yup nothing is better against hangover then a LARGE bit of alcohol XD
Actually the Lorenz Keel visor looks a lot like the one Motoko wore when she posed as Cash Eye in the GiTS 2nd season episode with that name.

Of course one of them can look sexy in that outfit...the other could probably countermind**** an attacking angel.
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